India’s textile industry is steeped in history and dates back to the 5th century.

Decades of Experience

Our longstanding collaboration with India, extending over two decades, encompasses sourcing, design, production, supply management, and delivery of high-quality garments including nightwear , value added lounge wear , active , swim and lingerie to various customers, and is all overseen by our Haddow local office, where our team are involved in many aspects of our business and processes.

Led by our Country Head, Vishnu, with over a decade of apparel knowledge and experience, and supported by designers and merchandisers who leverage their deep understanding of the local market dynamics, culture, and regulations, facilitating streamlined operations and compliance.


India Factory
Haddow Group Sourcing From India

Indian Textile Heritage

India’s textile heritage dates to the 5th century, originating in the Indus Valley where cotton fabrics were spun and dyed using indigo.

Today, India stands as a dynamic and diverse nucleus for the garment and apparel industry, offering an abundant array of unique fabrics, prints, accessories, and manufacturing techniques. From high-quality cotton to modern fabrics such as Rayon, Polyester, Hemp, Tencel, Wool, and Silk, India offers a wide array of sustainable choices to create distinctive and appealing garments.

The manufacturing journey starts with sourcing the finest cotton and extends to the embrace of pioneering materials such as recycled polyester and polyviscose. The Indian garment industry has evolved and thrived through strategic government investments, these include textile industry empowerment schemes and the seamless integration of modern manufacturing techniques like lean methodology and computer automation.

    Hub Of Diversity

    India’s garment and apparel industry is a vivid tapestry interwoven with the essence of diverse hubs across the nation.

    • Mumbai, the financial centre, boasts exemplary infrastructure and easy access to the UK.
    • Tirupur, celebrated as the Knitwear capital, specializes in ethically sourced cotton blends.
    • Chennai excels not only in athleisure but also takes pride in its commitment to women’s empowerment.
    • Kolkata, celebrated for its artisanal craftsmanship, is renowned for jute products and handloom textiles.
    • New Delhi, the capital city, garners acclaim for intricate handwork on cotton garments, while
    • Varanasi, a citadel of traditional craftsmanship, specializes in silk fabrics.

    Each of these hubs weaves its unique thread into India’s rich textile legacy, offering a spectrum of diverse garments, materials, and sustainable practices.

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