Working to minimise our industries

impact on the planet

To be a positive force for change and aim to give more than we take

Haddow Group Company Vision


To deliver more sustainable products and help create a better future.
Haddow Group Company Mission


To have a business model that achieves our goal of improved sustainability without compromising quality or style.

Haddow Group Company Values


To be a positive force for change and aim to give more than we take.

UK operation

How to reduce your environmental impact in the office:

  • Tap water not bottled
  • Less travel – teams meeting
  • Solar panels
  • In office recycling
  • Use natural light wherever possible
  • Less printing and waste paper
  • Turning electronics off
  • Recycle batteries and ink catridges
  • Heating – reduce the need
Solar Panels

Solar panels on roof

Solar power being installed in spring 2024.



Our bins and where the waste goes.

Energy Saving

Energy Saving

Working towards premises energy saving.

Our factories

Haddow are committed to reducing the footprint of our UK and overseas operations, and factory partners.

Plastic bottles

On a recent visit we observed a number of:

  • Factories work towards 40-60% green energy
  • Planted 27,000 trees to date
  • Installation of wind and solar projects
  • ZMaintains a cow refuge for 150 cows
  • 20% of production is recycled
  • Adopts production processes which reduces water use
  • Creating recycled polyester yarn from collected waste plastic from rivers
Factory visit
Factory visit
Factory visit
Factory visit

Our Sustainable Products

As a business we consider the following factors every day and as a result we automatically are offering our customers more sustainable products.

Haddow Cushions with Pattern
  • Our efforts towards sustainability:
  • -Reduction of waste fabrics by producing accessories and products from cut off fabrics
  • -Introduction of sustainable fabric textures and recycled/natural trims
  • -Digital printing used to reduce water consumptions and the use of harmful chemicals
  • -Clever use of prints in family sets, sibling ranges and multi products allows for higher MOQs to be met on recycled fabrics
Haddow Nightwear
Haddow Cushions with Pattern
Haddow Cushions with Pattern
Women's Haddow Swimwear

Sustainable fabrics


  • Commonly using 84% recycled polyester and 16% elastin
  • Recycled threads
  • Fully dull/Hi Shine
  • Reprieve & Reborn brands
  • Recycled textured fabrics


  • 82% recycled polyamide & 18& Elastin 190GSM

Natural Fibres

  • Recycled cotton
  • Viscose
  • Rayon
  • Silk
  • Hemp

Recycle Threads

  • Dissolvable threads
  • Biodegradable and compostable

Factors to consider when using recycled fabrics:

  • Yarn supplier
  • Fabric comp
  • Weight
  • Cost
  • MOQ
  • Lead time
  • Image of swing ticket
Sustainable Fabrics

Sustainable trims

Like many brands, Haddow work’s hard to recycle trims as much as possible and reduce the environmental impact of trims, sequins, glitter, eyelets and draw strings.

For example, in 2019 Oxfam estimated around 1.7m sequin items ended up in landfill after each festive period.

Options we have implemented to make trims more sustainable are:

  • Sequin alternatives such as sequin look foil prints or clever printing alternatives to mimic sequins
  • Organic cotton drawcords
  • Natural wooden trims
  • Metal trims over plastic trims
  • Replacement of plastic clasps and trims with self-fabric ties
Sewing Machine

Sustainable packaging

One of the key principles of a responsible packaging future is to move from a linear take-make-waste model to a circular model. This needs materials to be retained in the economy or easily biodegraded into nature.

We do:

  • Recycled hygiene stickers for swin and intimates
  • Recycled poly bags across all clothing and customers and interiors

We are working towards:

  • Refillable packaging
  • Returnable packaging
  • Regenerative materials
  • How to recycle poly bags after use
  • Bio degradable hygiene stickers for swim and intimates
  • Bio degradable moisture packets for shipment

Our sustainability actions

  • New sustainable fabrics / printing methods / threads and trims
  • New sustainable products and processes within our mills and factories – Clean energy
  • Energy savings and the use of more sustainable energy sources
  • Reducing / reuse and recycle waste to reduce our carbon footprint

“If it can’t be reduced, reused, recycled or composted, then it should be restricted, redesigned or removed from production.”

Pete Seeger, Environmentalist

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