Haddow Group’s experience with sourcing

Expertly skilled and internationally diverse contacts are vital for a fashion supplier that aims to offer something unique. Haddow Group is fortunate enough to have a network of industry-leading individuals within globally renowned manufacturing locations.

Haddow Group is experienced at cost-effective and efficient sourcing, exclusive to customer requirements. Our teams have a vast knowledge regarding specific factories and mills, MOQs, duty-free trade routes, speciality or nominated fabrics, yarns, and innovative trims.

Haddow Group can work within the objectives and cost requirements of a variety of market levels. We will work on your behalf to successfully resolve any potential issues during all product development stages.

The manufacturing locations and mills associated with our supply chains must perform to stringent sustainable, ethical, and quality-related standards. Factories are strategically located in areas supporting effective connectivity and efficient trade; shorter lead times support the time efficiency of all our key processes, ensuring optimal performance as a supplier of swimwear, nightwear, lingerie, and active clothing.

Factory Visits

Haddow’s employment – A Global network

Haddow Group globally employs individuals with a career focus on sourcing specific fabrics and trims. Our international office provides prompt access to mills, markets and factories more directly. A presence across India and Bangladesh has proven to be extremely successful, supporting the relevance and accuracy of all sourcing processes. Haddow’s India office is actively searching for new opportunities, mills and factories regularly. Haddow Group also has an established presence in China and has achieved hugely successful relationships with the same factories across a 30-year span.

Haddow Group has exceptionally close relationships with our global network. Factory contacts and mills frequently visit the office, providing direct insights and the opportunity to present any newness. Consistent visits are a testament to the strong connections we have across our network at Haddow Group.

Our team is consistently locating improved sourcing destinations and more cost-effective trade routes with shorter lead times on shipping. Haddow Group provides a superb standard of service, and we are confident that a factory with appropriate capabilities can be matched to your product.

The Benefits of Specific Manufacturing Locations

Haddow’s network of expert contacts guarantees that product can be accurately paired with an appropriate factory. Our sourcing expertise can be divided across the below countries. Specific manufacturing locations are renowned for individual benefits and specialities.

China has achieved global acclaim for high quality production, being experts at: swimwear, moulded cups, fashion-forward styles and product fit. Our China factories have exceptional fabric and trim sourcing capabilities. The accommodation of low MOQ’s makes China ideal for new starters and smaller scale businesses. Haddow Group can successfully source nightwear, swimwear, lingerie and activewear through China.

Bangladesh benefits from being duty free, supporting cost-efficient trade. The region boasts a skilled textile workforce with excellent factory capabilities. Bangladesh currently relies on the support of China and India for fabrics. However, investment in fabric mills and upgraded machinery promises a future ability to source innovative and sustainable fabrics directly from Bangladesh. Bangladesh is majorly investing in swimwear development, being successful at both woven and knitted swimwear. Bangladesh’s factories are now accommodating of lower MOQ’s and is a viable location for a wider range of quantity requirements. Bangladesh is an affordable manufacturing location that has in recent times become famed for activewear product.

Cambodia is also duty free but specialises in nightwear, successfully working with plush fabrics, knitted fabrics and satins. Cambodia continues to expand and diversify, with a commitment to provide high-quality garments to the world.

India is rapidly working towards becoming duty free. India is internationally recognised for its textile legacy and an ability to precisely source an array of different fabrics and applications. Ecovero, bamboo, Lenzing and Tencel are examples of India’s dedication to sustainable fabric development and can be successfully sourced. India can expertly manufacture your cover ups, nightwear, swimwear and lingerie basics. The nation also provides the benefit of lower MOQ’s across mills and factories.

Sri Lanka is a further location which benefits from being duty free. Sri Lanka has a historic legacy of traditional craftsmanship and weaving skills. The nation has gained a reputation as specialists within lingerie and moulded swimwear departments; nightwear and activewear can also be sourced from Sri Lanka by Haddow Group. The region has a particular talent for combining modern manufacture with traditional and historic techniques. Organic cotton, biodegradable fabrics and water-efficient manufacturing processes have helped position the nation as a sustainable apparel leader.

Haddow’s sourcing developments

Haddow Group proactively searches for new manufacturing locations that provide additional benefits or further expertise. To deliver the most efficient transport lead times, our teams are engaging with Romania, Bulgaria and Turkey. Countries that would provide access to specific machinery and niche capability are also explored; Vietnam is a specialist at circular knitting.


Factory visits and audits

Our teams major focus is that the right product is connected to the right factory. Factory visits confirm that the correct skills and machinery are present at the locations of manufacture. It is our teams major focus to ensure that all factories have the appropriate capabilities. Ethical audits (such as SEDEX and BSCI) are a requirement in our process of factory selection, ensuring that all recycled certifications and processes such as GRS, BC cotton are in place.

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Complexity and Specialist Requirements

Haddow Group is experienced at sourcing for a diverse range of cost and speciality customer requirements. Our teams are knowledgeable on premium swimwear, nightwear and activewear. We frequently assist customers on products where the construction is complex, is a wired swimwear style, is innovative in design or involves nominated fabrics.  We can successfully work to objectives requiring factories with more sophisticated skills and advanced capabilities.

Price-Driven Customers

Haddow Group can accommodate more price-driven customers too, working with factories that are experienced in sourcing comparable fabric qualities that still possess the required capabilities for your product. Combining this with clever design and garment construction allows us to create the perfect product for you that achieves the desired price points.

Opportunities with Haddow Group

As demand for sustainable and affordable clothing continues to grow, Haddow Group is confident that our network will maintain their position as key locations within the global fashion industry. We offer diverse sourcing capabilities, with locations positioned close to key markets and cost-effective trade routes globally.

Our team would be delighted to explore sourcing options for your swimwear, nightwear, lingerie, loungewear and activewear, across all cost requirements and quantities.

Get in touch with us: marketing@haddowgroup.com or follow our LinkedIn page: https://www.linkedin.com/company/haddow-holdings-plc and we will get someone from the right team to get back to you.

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