The importance of warm nightwear to consumers

With colder temperatures and darker evenings, customers are likely searching for the perfect cosy and stylish winter nightwear. From soft cottons to foil-printed plush fabrics, sherpa robes to recycled satins, we can offer a warm nightwear product to suit every consumer on the high street. This blog helps explain the importance of nightwear and the helpful support we offer at Haddow Group.

Unlike most product categories, nightwear is worn all year round and by everybody. Our team at Haddow Group have noticed that nightwear has become more trend-led in recent years and that consumers purchase and replace nightwear product on a more regular basis. We can supply nightwear across ladies’, men’s, children’s and baby. Haddow Group recommend all retailers offer nightwear to their customer base.

Haddow Group Children's Onesies

Nightwear’s key relevance to cost-of-living and colder temperatures

Nightwear fabrications support consumers in being energy efficient and are crucial during this winter period within a cost-of-living crisis. As temperatures drop, it is expected that warm nightwear purchases will continue to increase; the cosy, soft and aesthetic nature of our fabrics are key purchase-driven factors with cost-conscious consumers.

Haddow Group’s consumer knowledge and nightwear trend research

For fresh inspiration, Haddow Group can provide you with seasonally updated nightwear trends. From WGSN to our global ‘comp shops’, we combine our unique data to predict trends with accuracy. Haddow’s forecasts provide nightwear-specific and expertly curated data, helping businesses get ahead of the right trends. Our customers are closely supported in creating winter nightwear products that are fashionable, desirable, and environmentally conscious.

Haddow’s Fabric sourcing

Whether you wish to expand into cosy sherpa robes or glamorous satin pyjamas, Haddow can find you the appropriate fabrics and factories. We can source a vast and diverse variety of compositions, with all price points in mind. We often work with seal skin, faux fur and plush fabrics (along with many other similar fabric qualities); Haddow is also knowledgeable on recycled satins, chiffons, brushed cottons, ribbed knits, jersey, bamboo fabrics and recycled trims. Eco-conscious manufacturing methods and fabrics are vital to our service, with consumers also purchasing steered by their environmental concerns.

Haddow Group can source warm nightwear for price-driven customers, with less expensive fabric qualities that still possess the required capabilities for your product. Combining this with clever design and garment construction, allows us to create soft, warm and premium appearing nightwear at your desired price points.

Haddow’s talented Designers

The design team are experts at adding prints, graphics and embellishments to products. Foil printing, screen printing and rotary printing are excellent options and can be applied to a variety of fabrics. Our designers are equally talented at novelty Christmas AOPs as they are with classic checks or stripes. Haddow can also provide fabrics with clipped fur, clipped fleece and burn-out methods applied; patterns and textures can be easily added to robe fabrics with these reliable techniques. If you are looking to add glamour and style to your range, then we can also add lurex to fabrics; Haddow Group is happy to assist with more premium options if you are looking for something with a bit more flair.

Warm Clothing Fabric Swatches
Haddow Group Clothing Meeting

Haddow’s speciality products

As well as your essential dressing gowns and cami-sets, Haddow have previously worked on more innovative nightwear options too. Family sets (including any men’s, women’s, and children’s combination) along with couple’s pyjamas, have been historically popular with consumers in this winter period. Cosy slippers and socks are popular with many customers, and Haddow Group can help add these to your range too. We have also supplied retailers with two-piece sets, eye masks and pyjamas sold in fabric bags to provide a more unique offering.

Haddow’s nightwear sourcing locations and capabilities

We currently source nightwear through India, China, Bangladesh and Cambodia; each region provides specific benefits and areas of expertise. For further information on sourcing capabilities, MOQ’S (Minimum order quantities) and Duty-free trade routes – visit our November blog.

Factory Visits
We are fortunate to be regularly visited by our factory networks across the globe. Just in recent weeks, we have seen newness from China and Cambodia, when contacts visited our U.K. head-office. The meetings help maintain our established presence in China, with relationships lasting across a 30-year span. Inspiring new products, printing techniques, industry knowledge and economic developments are shared through our factory visits. These unrivalled direct insights position Haddow Group as an industry leader in nightwear, collaborating with global talent to help deliver product with confidence.

Opportunities with Haddow Group
As demand for sustainable and affordable winter nightwear continues to grow, Haddow group is confident that our expertise will maintain our position as a key player within the nightwear retail landscape.

Our team would be delighted to explore sourcing options for your nightwear products, across all cost requirements and quantities.

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