China visit; Haddow Group’s key factory partners

In the month of June, Haddow Group will be discussing our visit to China. This recent trip helped strengthen the relationships further with long-standing factory partners. Haddow Group has maintained an established presence in China, achieving successful relationships with the same factories across a 30-year span. We aim to travel regularly, with a focus on keeping an eye on customer production, factory standards or quality and cementing the transparent dialogue with our global network.

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This most recent visit shows how hard the factories are working to follow safety procedures, quality requirements, maintain ethical and environmental standards and be accommodating of lower MOQ’s. We conducted our own production standards reports across the many factories we visited on our trip.

From elevated swimwear to statement active, a key factory partner has worked with Haddow to provide the high-street with stylish buys for the season ahead. Thorough and supportive training, along with continuous videos and safety reminders, demonstrates how crucial health and safety is to this factory. A broken needle machine, working in the fashion of vending machine, is an example of our network imagining interesting ways to improve the efficiency and safety of customer production.

Another of our factories are helping to produce an array of elevated and trend-led designs, with their speciality being swimwear, lingerie and resortwear, high street or high-end. This factory also acts as our wired style and fuller bust specialist, proving to be a hub of innovation with excellent safety standards and thorough environmental consideration throughout.

Our visits ensure that the right product is connected to the right factory. This trip confirmed that the correct skills and machinery are present at the locations of manufacture, along with ensuring workers and the wider business have appropriate capabilities to deliver your fashion products.

Haddow Swimwear on Mannequins

China has achieved global acclaim for high quality production, being experts at: swimwear, moulded cups, fashion-forward styles and product fit. Our China factories have exceptional fabric and trim sourcing capabilities. The accommodation of low MOQ’s makes China ideal for new starters and smaller scale businesses. Haddow Group can also successfully source nightwear, swimwear, lingerie and activewear through China.

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If you wish to develop your own range of fashion products, our team would be delighted to answer any questions; please don’t hesitate to get in touch regarding swimwear, nightwear, lingerie, loungewear and activewear – across all cost requirements and quantities.

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