International Colour Day – The Importance of Colour In Fashion

In March, the fashion industry celebrates International Colour Day. A celebration Haddow Group enjoys within our design of swimwear, nightwear, active and lounge clothing. Colour is a hugely influential determinant in consumer purchasing behaviour, a topic our team are well informed on and can support you in range planning for. From Pantone fans to Haddow’s own specialized swimwear colours, our team is passionate about palettes, boasting in-house print designers with expert handling of colour.

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International Colour Day will celebrate it’s 14th anniversary this year on the 21st of March, with the attendance of exhibitions, events and interactive activities being the focus each year. Haddow Group is continuously praised for exceptional print and design work, completed in the U.K. by our team of specialists in children’s, ladies and Men’s departments. We actively research colour trends across all consumer departments, providing seasonally updated and product specific trend research to customers.

Haddow Group uses WGSN and our own globally located comp-shops to inform colour and trend predictions. Our own global influences are mirrored in the nature of this day; the concept was created by the Portuguese Colour Association and is celebrated world-wide. With a connection to much of the world, Haddow Group has helped brands to share the joy of colour with their consumers.

The consideration of colour is holistic across our service, including at initial design stage and during ongoing processes, such as colour approval of printed swatches from factories. Our factories and customers receive physical copies of our own Haddow colour palettes. Shades are specialized for swimwear, with many of the tones being bright and vivid colours for added clarity. Bold, rich and saturated colours have a positive impact on many consumers lives; International Colour Day encourages those in the fashion industry to embrace this reality and offer a wide range of designs with different handwritings in mind to their customers. Please get in touch if you wish to receive the updated SS25 Haddow Swimwear colour palette.

Haddow Group also platforms inspirational and industry-relevant speakers in the field of colour. Colour therapist, Momtaz Begum-Hossain, delivered a talk at our London showcase event in February. Her expertise in colour and it’s relevance to the swimwear market was incredibly insightful, assisting the swimwear buyers in attendance with their SS25 range planning. Individual colours have specific connotations, may elicit emotional reactions or can be predicted to sell well within certain product departments. The insights of our team and associated contacts are crucial for the development of smaller businesses and we can help to advise on a number of issues.

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This March we encourage all buyers to embrace colour and consider the impact it may have on their consumers lives. For further insights we recommend attending our annual Showcase events and getting in touch with a member of our team

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If you want to learn more about colour, our team would be delighted to share their insights over the phone or email; please don’t hesitate to get in touch regarding swimwear, nightwear, lingerie, loungewear and activewear – across all cost requirements and quantities.

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