10 New Year’s resolutions for those in the fashion industry.

Whether you are planning for holidays abroad or looking to help consumers be fashionable from the comfort of their own home, Haddow Group can help you offer the best fashion products this New Year. Many customers will be looking for a change of style and we are experts at helping businesses get ahead of the right trends. For fresh inspiration on how to buy, read our 10 New Year’s resolutions below. Here’s how to range-build smart in 2024.

1. Spend more sustainably.

Sustainability and Haddow Group go hand in hand. Every year consumers’ concerns over climate issues are ever increasing. That’s why, to meet their expectations, we use recycled fabrics in our swimwear and nightwear, prioritise water conservation, are conscious of carbon emissions, invest in solar power and diligently monitor the fashion industry’s progress on sustainability. If you’re looking for a fashion product to add to your range with environmental pride, then Haddow Group can confidently support you with this in 2024.

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2. Update on packaging.

Our customers are supported from swing tags to poly bags, care labels to hangers; thoughtfully designed packaging is an integral component of our service. We frequently use 100% recycled packaging, helping our customers achieve their climate responsibility goals annually.

3. Offer Inclusivity.

Haddow Group is an industry leader in inclusive swimwear, nightwear, loungewear, lingerie and active clothing. From our offering of mastectomy swimwear to stoma considered activewear, Haddow group is a business determined to accommodate diversity. Expand your offering this year and allow Haddow to support you in becoming an inclusive retailer for 2024.

4. Offer innovation.

Our record-breaking swimwear innovations position Haddow Group at the forefront of the industry’s progress. This year, Haddow can support you in developing unique and imaginative products for those customers with a ‘New Year – new wardrobe’ attitude.

5. Support U.K. design talent.

Our U.K in-house design team will work with you from initial concept, print, shape and fabric development through to the finished garment ready for your customers. Haddow Group also provides regular student placements for Fashion design students at school and University.

6. Support family businesses.

Haddow Group is devoted to keeping clothing and textiles part of the Bradford industrial landscape far beyond your 2024 collection. Our family business employs a diverse staff of local Designers, Garment and Fabric Technologists, Product and Supply-chain Merchandisers and Logistics Coordinators. While we are often collaborating globally, we are proud of our Yorkshire heritage too!

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7. Relax!

Work smart in 2024 and allow us to take the pressure off you! Haddow Group will work on your behalf to successfully resolve any potential issues during all product development stages. We are experts at direct communication with factories and mills, MOQs, duty-free trade routes, lead-times, speciality or nominated fabrics, yarns, and innovative trims.

8. Think trends.

The 2024 fashion market is predicted to be more trend-led than ever before. Haddow Group can provide you with seasonally updated and category specific trends. From WGSN to our global ‘comp shops’, we combine our unique data to predict trends with accuracy and react immediately to consumers wanting a change of style. Our customers will be closely supported in creating thoughtful products that are fashionable, desirable, and environmentally conscious for their 2024 collection.

9. Reach out when necessary.

The U.K. retail landscape can appear to be a daunting market to enter. Haddow group has expertly assisted the growth of many new businesses, sourcing the appropriate factories and thoughtfully considering MOQ’S (Minimum Order Quantities). ‘New Year – new me’ could mean the launch of your own brand, so why not start retailing swimwear, nightwear or active clothing with Haddow Group in 2024.

10. Make the most of your supplier.

The annual Haddow Showcase event provides insights into industry knowledge, sourcing, sustainability, trends, business growth and development, solutions, innovative products and access to experts. Our 2024 Showcase will help advise, inspire and inform the development of your clothing range, business growth and strategic planning for the New Year.


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